Are you sailing for the first time or have you sailed before, but would you like to check whether you have prepared everything properly?
Here we answer frequently asked questions.
Good preparation is important, if your question is not answered here, please call or email us!
We like to help you!

To reserve:

What is the best way to make a reservation?
Our website is always up to date and sometimes reservations go very quickly.
A ship that was free yesterday may already be occupied today.
If you are sure of your choice of ship and the date for your holiday, we recommend that you book directly online.
Then you know for sure that the ship is available for you.

Do I need a boating license?
The short answer is: No.
In the Netherlands you still need a navigation license if vessels are longer than 15 meters and/or sail faster than 20 km/h or are suitable for more than 12 people.
But to be able to sail a ship, the necessary knowledge or experience is required.
Do you have no or insufficient experience yet?
Then we strongly recommend that you request a sailing course with your reservation.
You are then assured of a skipper on the day of departure who will sail with you and practice on the ship you have rented.

You have no experience and you have not booked a skipper?
If it turns out that you have no or insufficient experience and you have not booked a skipper, we may not let you sail.
That sounds very strict, but we do it for a few very important reasons:
- Of course your safety. Boating is wonderful and one of the safest vacations. And we would like to keep it that way.
- We would like you to be able to look back on a pleasant holiday. This is only possible if the sailing has also gone well.
We know from experience that if you just go sailing without experience, it often does not end well.
You see: we do everything possible to make your holiday a success!

What about the payments?
As soon as you book with us, we request that you transfer the first deposit (50%) to us.
From that moment on, your reservation is final.
If we have not received payment after 14 days, the reservation will expire and the ship can be booked again by other customers.
To prevent this, we recommend that you pay immediately via Ideal or via Paypal when making the reservation.
You can transfer or pay the second installment at least 14 days before departure at the reception upon arrival at our port.
Payment can be made in cash, but we prefer payment by PIN.
Please note: we do not accept €200 and €500 banknotes.

I want to book for a period longer than 4 weeks.
Then of course it is possible and is becoming more common.
This requires more consultation and preparations, which we are happy to help you with.
Special favorable price conditions also apply.
We are happy to discuss this with you personally and therefore ask you to contact us by telephone or email.

Reserved, now what?
You have made a reservation with us and have received the confirmation in your mailbox by e-mail.
There is a PIN code in the reservation. This PIN code gives you access to your reservations.
Go to 'my holiday(s)' on our website and enter your personal pin code.
You will then receive an overview of your reservations.
You can consult these and make changes per reservation.
Think of ordering bicycles or a linen package.
We will then ensure that everything is arranged for you upon arrival.
Think about your payment, the first installment within 14 days after booking and the last installment before departure.

Sailing with our ships:

How are the ships insured?
All our ships are fully insured. This means that almost all damage to the ship is insured.
A deductible of €500 applies for this insurance.
This is covered by your deposit.
If you have damage en route, it is always very important that you report this to us immediately.
We will then ensure the correct handling.
Of course there are a few exceptions where the damage cannot be recovered from the insurance, such as sailing under the influence,
sailing in very bad weather and other situations where negligence can be blamed.
All your belongings that you take on board are not insured.
If the value of this is higher, we recommend that you ask your travel insurance about the conditions.
Can I sail on the Wadden Sea?
No that is not allowed. In short: you are not allowed to sail on salt water.
We also advise against sailing on the large rivers and only sail the IJsselmeer and Markermeer with the necessary experience.
Do you have plans to sail a route that includes the IJsselmeer and/or Markermeer?
Then consult us before departure!
This has largely to do with the danger, but we would also like to show you beautiful Friesland first.
How many hours do I have to sail per day to be able to sail a nice route?
That strongly depends on what you want to see and where you may have been before.
In Friesland you really don't have to sail more than 1 or 2 hours a day to be able to visit many nice places.
We also offer the possibility, in consultation with you, to put together the most beautiful routes.
Do I have to spend the night in a port every night?
No, definitely not! In Friesland we have very nice harbors but also many nice moorings in nature.
You can choose what you prefer.
Our ships are built and equipped in such a way that it is not necessary to be in a harbor every day for, for example, shore power.
Especially the ships with solar panels can go longer without shore power.

Practical matters on board:

What should I bring myself?
There is a fully equipped kitchen on board. This includes the crockery and cutlery for the number of people the ship was built for.
In the bedrooms we have standard covers for the mattresses and there is a pillow with a pillowcase on board per person.
If you have also ordered a linen package, everything for your bed will be available on the ship, consisting of a single duvet with cover.
It is useful to bring good shoes.
Preferably with flat soles and no black or leather soles.
Power on board:
230 Volt is available on all ships. Both when you are sailing and also when you are stationary with the boat.
But the amount of power is not unlimited. Keep that in mind.
Is your question not listed or are you looking for other practical information?

Then we would like to hear from you. You can always email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will respond as soon as possible.


Sail with a luxury yacht and enjoy all the space and tranquility that Friesland has to offer.

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