At Veldman Yacht Charters you will always find more solar panels. Both on the building and on the ships!

In recent years we have been busy installing solar panels.
A few years ago we ordered the installation of 90 solar panels on the roof of our building.
Our ships are therefore charged with green electricity.
Because our power consumption is highest in the summer months and the solar panels have the greatest yield, we are almost energy neutral in terms of electricity.
The 50 kW of panels in total are mounted on the south side (harbour side) of our building.

You will increasingly see solar panels appearing not only on the building, but also on the ships.
Development has not stopped there either.
Where previously we only had the large panels in aluminum frame, there are now also very flat and flexible panels.
We glue these to the roof of the ship.
Because they are very flat and are non-slip, you can just walk over them.
As a result, they do not break easily and do not hinder the cleaning of the boat.
The number of panels and the size of the panels depend on the space available.

The advantage of panels on a ship is that you become even less dependent on shore power.
These panels charge quite a lot, especially on sunny days.
The time you can use your battery stock is of course highly dependent on how much what was charged and used and on you!

For example, we are busy making the ships greener, with the additional advantage of increasing comfort.
Look at the icons of the ships to see if the ship is equipped with solar panels.
There are more and more!


Sail with a luxury yacht and enjoy all the space and tranquility that Friesland has to offer.

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