Welcome to Sailing School Friesland.

Exclusively for Veldman Yacht Charters in Sneek, we provide sailing instruction on board the yacht you have rented and we focus on guiding motor boaters during their first sailing day.
Our clients are motor yacht charterers with little or no experience; If you have sailed before but would like to refresh your knowledge, we also offer options there.
On the day of departure, an experienced skipper from Vaarschool Friesland will come on board with you in the port of Veldman Yacht Charters.
After a mutual acquaintance, your wishes and possibilities are always discussed, and the layout of the sailing instruction is determined on that basis.
Of course we have a basic plan, but in whatever form the sailing instruction is given, it will lead to you being able to control and operate the yacht completely independently during the afternoon.
And that is also the aim of this sailing instruction: to have full control of the yacht within a few hours and to be able to go on the water independently.
Our years of experience guarantee targeted, fast and clear sailing instructions. We pay all attention to the knots to secure the ship, while sailing we give you extensive information about the theory, the traffic and sailing rules on the water, but we also tell you everything about what you can expect in beautiful Friesland. what the rules of conduct are, where and how you refuel water, connect shore power and so on.

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No part of the sailing is skipped and the mooring maneuvers are extensively practiced, in which your crew is also involved. While sailing, it may turn out that there are certain “bottlenecks” and we will pay extra attention to them.
Finally, we discuss your sailing route with you, so that you are not faced with any surprises.
The instruction starts on the day on which you take delivery of your yacht at 2 p.m. (unless otherwise agreed in advance) in the port of Veldman Yacht Charters and normally the instruction ends there as well. Changes are possible in consultation with you and the landlord. The instruction lasts about 3 to 5 hours, so that you still have plenty of time afterwards to give your first day of vacation, which is perhaps the most interesting of all days because of this sailing instruction. Still sailing?
Or maybe visit a village or city first?
Everything is possible and we are happy to advise you. You reserve our sailing instruction directly with Veldman Yacht Charters.





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