Want to experience an unforgettable holiday?
Celebrate your holiday on the boat in Friesland!
Seven reasons why a boating holiday in Friesland provides an unforgettable experience.



1: One with the water
You could say that Friesland is one with water.
There is no other province in the Netherlands with so many places to sail.
From quiet waterways to large lakes: Friesland has it. And you can see everything from a boat.
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2: Friesland is recreational boating
What makes the waterways in Friesland even more favorable: outside the PrinsesMargrietkanaal, there is little professional sailing here.
Friesland is just outside the major shipping routes, so inland vessels actually have little reason to sail through Friesland.
This gives peace of mind on the water, and this peace is your advantage: the Frisian water landscape is the domain of pleasure boating.
On the water you will see one boat after another, and we understand that completely: a holiday in Friesland is best celebrated from a boat.
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3: Almost all waterways are connected with each other

Typical for Friesland is that all waterways are connected with each other.
This dates back to days long gone, when peat ships sailed from city to city.
But while other Dutch provinces have filled in many waterways, Friesland's infrastructure is still completely intact.
That is great, because there is of course no water sports enthusiast who is happy when an intended sailing route ends because you cannot continue sailing.

No, here you sail effortlessly from a canal to a lake and vice versa.
It is even possible to visit all twelve major cities, because all these cities are located on the water and are prepared for your arrival by boat.
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4: Towns, not cities

Friesland is a sparsely populated province.
There are towns, but hardly any big cities.
There are factories, but no large industrial areas.
And there are people, but not crowds.
All in all, this means that a holiday in Friesland combines the best of both worlds.
Cities and restaurants to visit, and yet the feeling of peace and relaxation from the deck of a boat everywhere.
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5: The landscape is incredibly varied
There is no other province in the Netherlands and Germany with as many different landscapes as Friesland has.
From meadows and forests to lakes and beaches: you will find it all in Friesland.
And with a holiday on the boat you will get everywhere.
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6: A holiday on the boat in Friesland corona proof
In times like these, you naturally prefer not to visit crowded places.
The boat is then the place to be. You will spend most of your holiday here in your own company.
You can see other holidaymakers passing by at many meters (or in the distance).
You wave to each other, but the distance is guaranteed.
You will find the real social distancing on the water.

And also good to know: if you rent a boat from Veldman Yacht Charters, you can count on extra hygiene measures.
We have recently expanded our cleaning team and ensure that you are on the road in the best possible disinfected boat.
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7: And it is accessible to everyone (even without a boating license)
You do not need years of skipper's experience to celebrate a holiday on the boat in Friesland.
We rent boats that you can rent without a license.
A short instruction or a fun boating course is all you need.
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