Cancellation insurance

We hope of course that you will not need cancellation insurance.
However, something can happen that prevents your holiday from going on.

To avoid having to cancel but not being entitled to a refund of the rental fees, we strongly recommend taking out cancellation insurance.
It is possible that you have (continuous) travel insurance that includes cancellation costs.
Find out carefully which damages are covered and under what conditions.

If you want to take out cancellation insurance with us, this is only possible at the same time as you make a reservation.
Of course, there are conditions for such insurance.
We try to be as clear as possible about that. We apply the following conditions:

Payment: The premium must be paid within seven days of the reservation date. From that moment on, your insurance starts.
We will not refund the premium once the cover has started.

What do you declare when taking out cancellation insurance:
- The information you have provided is correct.
- There are no reasons to assume that it is plausible in advance that your holiday will not take place.

Who is insured:
All persons known by name at the time of booking.
At least that's the contractor.
If you also want to insure the crew, you must do the pre-check-in as soon as the definitive crew is known.
You can do this via our website. Go to 'my holiday' and enter the pin code you received with the reservation and fill in the details.

In which period is the cancellation insurance valid:
A cancellation insurance is valid from the moment the insurance is paid until the moment of check-in at our reception.
Cancellations due to a pandemic (Corona for example) are excluded from the cancellation insurance.
We have other options and arrangements for that.

When are you insured for cancellation costs:
- Death, illness or accident of you, a co-insured, a family member in the 1st or 2nd degree, a housemate or deputy.
- Pregnancy: if you or your partner become pregnant.
- Presence at home necessary: ​​If there is material damage to a property or rental property of you or a co-insured.
- Medical intervention: You are insured if you, a co-insured, a cohabiting partner or child have to go to hospital unexpectedly. The medical intervention is not necessary.
- Dismissal: If you became involuntarily unemployed from a permanent employment contract before the start of the trip.
- Transport problems: If on the day of the trip to our port you suddenly have a breakdown with your means of transport and you cannot arrange a replacement. For airline passengers: you are entitled to compensation if your flight is canceled or delayed.

We never reimburse more than 100% of the total travel sum as included in your reservation with us.
You must do everything you can to prevent and/or reduce the damage.

When do we not reimburse:
- In case of deliberate deception.
- In case of recklessness
- By design
- If your cancellation is related to the use of alcohol or drugs.
- In case of war, nuclear reactions, hijacking, confiscations, internal disturbances, riots, insurrection or pandemics.
- If the event is not unexpected.
- You have not fulfilled the obligations.

If you want to cancel your trip, please do so as soon as possible. In any case within three days. We request that you do this by e-mail (preferred) or by telephone.
Are you ill or have you had an accident? Then ask the doctor if he/she thinks the trip can continue.
We will cancel your reservation.
Please note: as soon as you have canceled, you no longer have any right to the period you booked!
It is therefore possible that immediately after cancellation the period of reservation is booked again by another customer.

If you are not allowed to take your holiday due to measures regarding a pandemic:
Unfortunately, we have seen in recent times that measures surrounding a pandemic can ensure that you are not allowed to enjoy your holiday with us.
You have no influence on this and unfortunately neither do we.
That is why we apply the following rule, which applies when you are not allowed to start your holiday with us due to a pandemic:
You may move your reservation to a later time. Your (down) payment will then appear in our system as a credit.
You will receive a unique code from us with which you will receive this amount as a discount when you make a new reservation.
We charge 10% of the reservation amount for the expenses.

Dutch law applies to our cancellation insurance.

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