Beautiful trip with the Selene where there is also a wedding on the way.
Spooky! (German speaking)

Route: Sneek - Harlingen - Grou - Leeuwarden - Dokkum - Lauwersmeer
Ship: Selene

The Sauer family (who doesn't know them) leave with the Selene from our harbor in Sneek.
The first day we sail straight on to Harlingen.
A beautiful city on the coast of the Wadden Sea. The ferry to Vlieland and Terschelling also departs from here.
After Harlingen they sail back a bit to Grou.
Here you can enjoy a delicious meal before leaving for Leeuwarden the next day.
Something special takes place there: They are getting married!
You will see Mr Sauer in a completely different role!

From Grou it is a few hours sailing to Dokkum.
A fairytale journey over a piece of sparkling Frisian water.
If you are lucky there is a berth under the mill available.
Dokkum: you must have been there.

The next day the engine is started for the journey to the Lauwersmeer.
A hidden gem in nature.
Watch the movie you will understand what we mean!


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