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Veldman Yacht Charters in Sneek    

Buy and Charter

It may be of interest to you that at Veldman Yacht Charters you can also place a motor boat for rental.
This falls under the category of buy-and-charter , translated to good Dutch this reads: koop- en- verhuur.
You let our subsidiary company, Argos Jachtbouw, build a motor boat which is suitable to form part of our rental fleet.
Your investment yields a good return and has few risks. After all: the boat remains your property .
Argos builds luxury steel motor boats in a traditional manner and this for an attractive price and with a good final return after years of renting out ].
Based on our many years of experience we know exactly which types of boat are suited for rentalg and which therefore yield a high return.
You invest in the boat, we rent it out for you. A so-called win-win situation where you and we get a good return and this is,
among other things, guaranteed from our very high coverage on the rental calendar.
Our company guarantees a perfect fleet for some 20 years now, an excellent service and a very large fixed client base that is still growing.
As we are a family business and strongly reflect this it gladdens us to see the great interest not only from the Netherlands but also and especially from Germany and Switzerland.
We do not only rent out motor boats, but provide a holiday experience with which the boats are of course our main focus,
but not to a lesser extent that also of the faces behind the company who assure the continuity.
Quality both in the construction of the boats as well as in the business operation and the approach to our clients provides for good returns.
If you are searching for targets to invest in, then do talk with us. It certainly won’t displease you!